Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The picture at the top is the one you have all been waiting for! That is us with the chief, his wife and his officials... in the Palace! Ba Canabasa (Mr. One that is greater than I) is in the red robe.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Back in the USA!!

We're finally home! That was the longest trip home ever! We got in Friday and Bryan and I are still sick! We drove from Kaputa 2 days. We did camp in tents, but don't feel to bad for us. We stayed at a place called Forrest Inn and it was beautiful. It was gated and had a guard and American bathrooms with electricity! It was a really good thing because Melissa and I were sick all night from some chicken we ate along the way! It was soooo cold that night we were breathing smoke! We nearly froze, and now we are back to summer. The days in Kaputa were blazing hot and chili at night. We have gone through seasons and the future (7 hour time difference) to get home! I am so thankful to God for the whole experience The only way it would have been better would be if my whole family could have been there! Maybe next time :).

We will be talking about the trip this Wednesday night at the Shack (6:30). Hope you can make it!

Monday, June 9, 2008

This was our last day in Kaputa. We went back to the village we were at last Monday. Last time they asked us to sing for them. We said we didn't have anything prepared so we would sing next time. We practiced last night after dinner. I wish you could have been there Ken! We decided to sing "Lord I lift your name on high" because it has hand motions. We felt that maybe it would distract them from our voices. Anyway, the first round Bryan just laughed. Justin and James said that wouldn't cut it so Bryan had to basically sing a solo! They told him if he didn't sing loud he couldn't play cards with us a night (our nightly ritual). Bryan is always begging us all to play with him! They had to teach him solitaire so he could have a game to play by himself! Anyway- He did it! He sang! So we went to the village and decided not to mention it, maybe they would forget. We taught Jesus' birth and baptism. They had many questions. A couple of men became Christians today. One man had been attacked by a crocodile! He said there had to be a God and believed the message! As we got up to leave the head lady asked about our song. Man, we almost got away. So Justin said we wouldn't sing unless they sang first. No problem. They all broke out in a beautiful song. I have it on video! Then we sang. It was HORRIBLE! One kid covered his ears! At least we had fun.

On the way to the village we picked up the head lady ( she is very, very old) and gave her a ride. She was just getting back from court. She has been accused by the witch dr. of insulting him. She said it was untrue. Insulting is against the law here! Can you imagine? She said the witch dr. is in jail right now because of the trial that is still going on about him getting another man's wife pregnant. That is against the law also!

We have had an amazing adventure! We can't wait to share it with you!

We leave Kaputa @4:30 tomorrow morning. We drive 12 hours to the place we will be camping in tent. You heard me...CAMPING in the middle of Africa! We are going to stop on the side of the road and take a picture of the sign that marks the road you go down to get to the David Livingston monument where his heart is buried. We can't actually go down the road because they think the roads are too bad. But we are in the basic area! How Awesome! If you don't know who he is you should google him! On the way, there are no places to eat, no bathrooms (except 1 pay toilet along the way). Then Wed. we drive to Protiea where we will see some animals! I can't wait. Then we will get to Lusaka, shower and go to dinner. Thursday morning we will go to the market to do some shopping and be at the airport by 11am. Then we will be flying for a very, very, long time. Then we will be HOME Friday around 11am! I can't wait to see you! We love you all! Thank you for being a part of this journey with us!!!!

Be sure to check this blog after I get back. We are going to post a lot of pics, and maybe some video (if I can learn how).

Sunday, June 8, 2008

So... the Jesus Film last night. There was a tremendous crowd. Unbelievable! I was amazed to see so many show up. They had to walk home down small rocky dirt paths in total darkness! After the film they asked that if anyone wanted to believe in Jesus to meet on the other side of the field. A mob went over there. But as you can imagine, like in America, only God knows the heart. Any way it was very dark and we had flashlights. Their were some drunks and some bad people there as well. Bryan got hit in the back a few times (not too bad, don't worry!). It got a bit scary so Bryan and I went back to car and eventually Bryan, Melissa and I locked ourselves in the car. They are just very curious about mzungos and wanted to shake our hands, but there were so many when Bryan shook someones hand he got pulled into the mob and I had to yell and get him back. They wanted me to give them my torch (flashlight). Everything is fine. It really wasn't bad, we were counting the event as a little persecution- it was sooo worth it! We believe there will be much fruit because of our time here. We have talked to thousands of people. Thousands have seen the Jesus Film. We have planted the seeds. God will make it grow. The Adairs have promised to let us know what fruit comes from our time here. It has been a life changing experience we will never forget. Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers. God is real! Our message is life changing!

For those of you reading who haven't trusted Christ as your savior... God is real. I think you know that. You are separated from God because of your sin. Sin is choosing your own way, the bad things you've done and the good things you fail to do. Sin is not glorifying God. God wants you and to have a relationship with him, and has provided a was at great cost to himself. He sent his son, who lived a sinless life. He was nailed to a cross and died. 3 days later he rose from the dead, conquering death and the grave. His death on the cross was the payment for your sin. If you repent of your sin, and believe this message, His death pays the price for your sin. You don't have to get your "life straight" before you turn to him. That's impossible! He takes us just like we are. If that weren't true I wouldn't be a follower of Christ today! He took me, chief of sinners, and He changed my heart! I am still amazed. Even now as I think about it I start to cry. He has given me new desires. I truly became a new person when I believed this message. I have to tell the world, I have to tell you. Nothing else matters. He has become everything to me, and I am so undeserving. What God has done for me, He can do for you. Today is the day.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Jesus Film

Power is about to go out so i'll write quickly. Somewhere around 3,000 people showed up for the Jesus film. We'll blog more later.
The Jesus film is tonight. There is no power any where in Kaputa so we will bring a generator. There will probably be a large crowd. Melissa and I talked to a man today who didn't know about Jesus. He wanted to learn. We told him the gospel. He asked if even a man with black skin could be saved. He wanted to know if God created white and black equal. He was disappointed we weren't building a church he could go to learn more. It is hard to get them to understand the church is the people who are believers. The church then meets together to worship. They have many questions about heaven and the earth being destroyed. We have to keep taking them back to the cross. Noting else really matters does it?! Anyway, the man will be there tonight, and he wants to ask more questions before he becomes a Christian. Pray for him.

The Bates and Mr. Richard: God bless you! You have saved Bryan's life! He has eaten so many granola bars and almost all of the beef jerky. I don't know what we would have done with out the drink mixes! I have to admit it is getting hard to down them at this point. The bottles look so gross and the water gets so hot! When we get back we are only drinking from glasses with lots and lots of ice. Crushed ice! I'm drooling!!!

Love you all! I'll blog tomorrow, God willing.

Friday, June 6, 2008

I Love Electricty!!

The people who have houses and power (which are very few) and the mill are all powered by the town generator. We usually have power on 3 and off 3. Yesterday the town generator died, they don't know when it will be fixed. The Adairs have a generator but it doesn't always work. So don't get worried if I don't write, We haven't been eaten!

Yesterday was amazing! I was so sad i couldn't blog. We went to a village pretty far out. They weren't afraid. Bryan and I got to go out with a translator by ourselves for the first time. We invited them to the bible study and asked if they knew about the cross. No one knew! We talked to a very old man (which is odd to see). He really wanted to come and learn but he was very ill and bleeding. Bryan and I asked if he wanted us to teach him about the cross and he said, "very much." So we explained the gospel to him. He was grateful and believed! I told him we would meet again one day in heaven. Many of the people that we talked to had heard of Jesus but really had no idea how he saves us. They were so grateful to have it explained to them. Then the bible! There were over 100 people when there are usually only a few. One man stood up and said he had faith in Jesus Christ. They wanted to know what to do now, how to get a bible, and how to pray. They didn't want it to end. They had a thirst that was being filled for the first time. I will never forget what I have seen. Romans asks, "How will they hear unless someone preaches?"
2 things i've learned from the bible stories:
1. God provides
2. God keeps His promises

Don't take for granted anything! Do you have clothes that aren't hanging on by strings? Do you own underwear? Do you have food in you pantry? Do you own a Bible? You are blessed! Most of the world is not like us in America.

We also need to understand we are accountable for what we have and what we know! We own many bibles, but rarely read them. We know the gospel but rarely share it. Something is very wrong! Do you treasure the word? Do you care that there are others who have never heard the gospel? We do exist to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples!

On the lighter side:
We ate lunch at Bupe Chomba's house for lunch. I hate to disappoint you but i loved it! Melissa and Bryan would disagree with me. It was so much fun. We had shema, cabbage, and chicken. Ken, you would have loved it! I was thinking about you when i was eating the cabbage! After Bryan ate the shema he had it all over his hands. Someone holds a bowl while you soap up and then someone poors the water on your hands. Bryan couldn't get the shema off so he had 2 african men teaching him how to scrub his hands. It was funny! I took plenty of pics. The kids at the village today were so mean to each other. They would throw hard rocks at each other's heads. During the Bible study one boy was dragged off by his foot!

Tomorrow night is the Jesus Film! I am so excited! Please pray that many people become believers.

Deven Scott Whitton: Happy Birthday (tomorrow)! I love you so much! I've talked about you and your brothers a lot! I was telling someone today how you know John Piper's mission statement by heart. You are an amazing boy. Make dad take you to chick fil a and drink a milkshake for me!!!!

Hopefully I can write tomorrow! I love you all.